Actions to Optimize Effectiveness and Efficiency


As mentioned in the Interventions section #4, I will take “Aliʻi Nui Action” to reactivate the Strategic Planning Committee and task the SPC to complete a Strategic Plan within 12 months of being elected Aliʻi Nui.  My Initiative here is that we will not put our new Strategic Plan in a nice binder, put it on a shelf, and forget about it.  Once the Strategic Plan is complete and approved by the Papa Aliʻi, it will be implemented immediately and completely.  

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for the implementation of the Order’s Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan will allow us to press forward into the future with direction, focus, and power.  More importantly, a pono Strategic Plan will not only be “For the Good of the Order,” it will also be “For the Good of the Lāhui and Kingdom."

With a Purpose Statement that reflects the purpose and intent of the Royal Decree of 1864, the Order will be able to recognize those who do good works for the Lāhui and Kingdom.  The Royal Decree specifies one of the two purposes of the Order as:


(2) “ . . . to confer honorary distinctions upon such of Our subjects and foreigners as have  rendered or may hereafter render to Our Dynasty and People important services . . . ”

Thanks to the efforts of Lani Aliʻi, Aliʻi Sir Ron Dela Cruz, KGCK , we once again have access to the medallions of the Order.  Can you imagine recognizing someone such as Nainoa Thompson with a Royal Order of Kamehameha (medallion) for his works over the years in restoring and perpetuating traditional voyaging?  This would be awesome, and exactly the type of “positive and uplifting" work the Order should be engaged in.

As Aliʻi Nui I will advocate for the restoration of the presentation of our Royal Order medallions to those who do good works for our Lāhui and Kingdom.  A standing committee will be established for this purpose.  It is my hope that the first presentation of our Order (medallion) will take place within one year of my election and take place annually there after.

The Order is a Brotherhood of Knights, a Warrior Society.  As an Order, we honor and strive to exemplify Kamehameha, Hawaiʻi’s greatest aliʻi and warrior.  As such, I believe we should incorporate the warrior practices and protocols of our kūpuna into the Order.  I believe this will strengthen our warrior spirit and help us draw closer to our warrior kūpuna.

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for the following 3 initiatives: 
(1)  Incorporate the ʻawa ceremony into the Order's culture.  Applications here may include officer installations, rank advancements, and other appropriate occasions and events. 
(2)  Incorporate the haʻakoa (dance of the warrior) into the Order’s culture.  Applications here may include creating a specific haʻakoa for the entire Order to use.  Having each Heiau create their own unique haʻakoa.  Doing a haʻakoa at the beginning or ending of special Order events.  And adding the haʻakoa to our annual Mele Competition, not for competition, but simply for sharing.  
(3)  Incorporate the learning and practice of lua into the Order’s culture.  Applications here may include each Heiau establishing a lua pa or each island establishing a lua pa for all members on that Island.  It would be wonderful, in time, to have a lua style associated uniquely to the Order.

Once we reclaim our Purpose Statement of 1864, we will require substantial resources to accomplish our purposes.  To this end, we must enhance our resources.  The relevant resources here include, but are not limited to:  

(1)  Authority and Mana:  Our authority, kuleana, and mana flows from the the Royal Decree of 1864.  By re-embracing the Royal Decree we will greatly enhance our authority and mana.

(2)  Order membership:  The dedicated Brothers and Sisters of the Order, are one of our greatest resources.  This will be enhanced by the expansion and growth strategies outlined in Initiative #3.

(3)  Economic Power:  Economic power comes from having money, or access to it, and assets of value such as structures and land.  We are constantly reminded by our leaders that we do not have money, yet there is on coordinated effort to raise funds or secure assets for the Order. 

(4) Political Power:  There is no true power without political power.  Political power is important for many reasons, including positive change for the Lāhui.

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for the establishment of a standing committee on Resource Development.  The Committee will be tasked to identify resources needed moving forward, research and make recommendations on how to enhance current resources and or secure new resources.  This Committee will also work with outside professionals that may be contracted to assist in this area.


I would love to see Moku dotting the land, not only in Hawaiʻi, but accross America.  I would love to see hundreds of thousands of dollars in our war chest, and every Moku in its own building on its own land.  I would also love to see a Pro-Hawaiian, Pro-Kingdom political party that is Pono and Transparent, and that will benefit our Lāhui.  As difficult as the above may appear, everything starts with a vision, a plan, and a first step.   


As Ali'i Nui, I will surround myself with good, honest, and honorable men.  Chiefs of character and faith.  Chiefs who are confident in who they are, who will not feel challenged, and will be slow to anger.  Chiefs who can think independently, critically and strategically.  Chiefs who are willing to sacrifice and work for the Good of the Order, Lāhui, and Kingdom.  From these I will make my personal ‘aha ‘ula, from these I will receive guidance in the stewardship of our beloved Order.


I believe the strength of the Order is contingent upon the strength of each Moku.  I believe each Moku is in the best position to know and address the issues within its Moku.  As such, I will give each Moku great latitude and autonomy in carrying out its internal affairs, free from Ali‘i Chapter interference, unless absolutely necessary.

While the ‘Ali‘i ‘Aimoku and Chiefs of each Moku focus on strengthening and growing their respective Moku, the Ali‘i Chapter will focus on strengthening and growing the Order and providing what ever support and resources a Moku may need.


My wife Gloria has been an active member of Nā Wāhine O Kamehameha (NWOK) since 2009.  She has been invaluable in keeping me abreast of both the accomplishments and challenges that NWOK has faced over the years.  I believe we (the Brothers) need to do a much better job listening to, supporting, and working with our NWOK.

I believe the Order is stronger for having NWOK, and the stronger NWOK becomes, the stronger the Order will become.  Together we stand and grow stronger "for the good of the Order" and to the benefit of our Lāhui and Kingdom.

As Ali'i Nui, I will implement the following initiatives to support, strengthen, and grow Nā Wāhine O Kamehameha :

(1)  The Ali‘i Chapter will work closely with a State NWOK Chapter to discuss issues and concerns on a regular scheduled basis (perhaps 2-3 times a year).
(2)  I will appoint a High Chief from the Ali‘i Chapter to act as a liaison between the Ali‘i Chapter and the State NWOK Chapter.  This High Chief will also have the kuleana and mana to act as a champion for the State NWOK Chapter as needed.
(3)  However, irrespective of this appointed champion, the leadership of the State NWOK Chapter will be free to contact me directly should they feel the need.

(4)  Every Aliʻi ʻAimoku will be expected to grow their current NWOK.

(5)  Any Heiau that does not have an active NWOK, will be expected to establish one within 12 months of my election.