A New Dawn

As Aliʻi Nui, I will cultivate an environment and culture that will optimize and accelerate the forward movement of the Order.   

The Order will recognize ke Akua's (God's) hand in all things and seek His guidance in all things. 

The Order will be powered and motivated by Aloha. 

The Order will know and understand its purpose and be focused in its mission. 

The Bylaws will be followed and administered fairly, the Bylaws will not be compromised. 

This will enhance trust and encourage membership participation in the process.

The Order will be progressive, consider new ideas and ways of doing things, and be open to innovations that may make it more effective and efficient in accomplishing its work.

The Order will be strategic, focused, results orientated, and spearhead initiatives that will support the Kingdom and uplift the Lāhui.

The Order will no longer focus internally, on itself and internal matters and issues.  In stead, the Order will focus externally, and channel its limited time, energy, and resources towards supporting the Kingdom and uplifting the L

The Order will be a positive and nurturing organization where every member will be recognized, appreciated, valued, and respected. 

As a positive organization, the Order will not be administered in mistrust and fear.  

As a positive organization the Order will not condemn individuals or organizations, but will instead recognize, appreciate, uplift, and empower individuals and organizations to greater heights towards the greater good. 

The Order is many things, including an Order of Knights, a Warrior Society, but first and foremost, the Order is a Brotherhood.  As such, we will adhere to the Mamo Oath.  Members of the Order will treat and interact with each other with Respect and Aloha.  Aloha kekahi i kekahi.

We will follow the example of Kamehameha, the great unifier.  As a unified Brotherhood we will not try to get an advantage over another Brother, Heiau, Moku, Island, or Islands.  Negative politics (where one takes advantage over another or others) will not be practiced or tolerated.

The Order is not a pure democracy, however administration and decision making will be as inclusive and transparent as possible.  All important business will go before the Papa Ali‘i.  The Papa Ali‘i will reign supreme as per the current Bylaws.


Finally, the Order will put things into perspective.  It will understand what it is, it's purpose and mission.  It will understand the significance and continuation of the ‘Ai Noa.  It will understand the purpose and significance of its Charter, Rituals, and Bylaws, and it will understand the difference between tools, symbols, and truly sacred things.

Understanding and incorporating the above will have
a positive synergistic affect on the Order.  It will empower
Order, expand horizons, and allow us to exceed previous expectations, for the Good of the Order, Kingdom, and Lāhui.

Ke Ao Hou - A New Dawn