UPDATE 8/10/2020

Pua files papers to run for office June 1, 2020

Pua sign waiving with his best friend and biggest supporter, his wife Gloria.

Pua sign waiving with some of his 'ohana, in beautiful Hilo, Pua's home town.

Pua's social media mahalo flier August 9, 2020, after August 8, 2020 Primary Elections


August 9, 2020

Aloha Kakou,

I filed my papers to run for public office on June 1, 2020, OHA Trustee, Island of Hawaii. This was fairly late in the game with an impending Aug. 8, 2020 Primary Election (in 9 weeks).

However, in this short period of time I was able to launch a candidate website (puaishibashi.com), place campaign signs and banners on every major island, and complete numerous written surveys for newspapers and other organizations. In addition, I participated in several video candidate forums, did sign waiving on different islands in numerous cities and towns, and launched a modest ad campaign on a shoestring budget. 

The results, I was honored and blessed to receive over 24,000 votes in the Primary. However, this was not enough to be among the top two vote recipients. As such, I was not able to move forward to the General Elections.

Nevertheless, this was a wonderful opportunity and experience.  Something totally new and outside of the box for me. One of my mantras is “what does not kill you will only make you better and stronger.” I have emerged from this campaign with more knowledge, experience, and skill sets. I believe this acquired mana will not only benefit me personally, but also makes me a better tool that ke Akua may use to benefit the community someday, somehow. 


However, more importantly, through my campaign, I was able to share my message and concern with the general public. That change is needed at OHA.  That the results of financial audits (mismanagement of millions of dolars) need to be addressed and that cooperation is required regarding on going investigations of misappropriation of state funds, by the AG and FBI.

Mahalo to all of my family and friends for their support in my quest. But especially to my best friend and biggest supporter, my wife Gloria, who has always and continues to have my back. Also a big mahalo to my Campaign Manager Ariel Murphy and Campaign Advisor Robbie Cabral.
I would never have had the success I did without these three wonderful women.

Mahalo ke Akua.



The Saga Continues . . . Maybe, We See :)

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