I would like OHA to be an exemplary state agency, the state agency that every other state agency looks at and aspires to be like.  An agency recognized for is Transparency, Accountability, and the highest levels of Integrity.  An organization that is trusted and respected by the community at large.

I would like to see an OHA that the Hawaiian Community can trust, be proud of, and love.
I would like an OHA that will not only meets, but exceeds all expectations in its kuleana to lift, empower, and inspire the Hawaiian Community.  I would like an OHA that does not simply talk about

Hawaiian values and being a Hawaiian organization, but truly embracing and internalizing these values as core to its

organizational culture.  An organization that is truly powered by Aloha in word and deed, as it works and interacts with individuals and entities internally and externally.  I would also like to see an OHA that perceives and treats its employees as its greatest resource.

I want a Board of Trustees (BOT) that understands and embraces their fiduciary duty to always do what is in the best interest of the Hawaiian Community, and to work and interact with each other in Harmony, Respect, and Aloha.  I would like a BOT that will work in harmony with Administration, so that harmony, peace, and understanding can permeate throughout the organization. I would like a BOT that embraces their fiduciary responsibilities to always do what is in the best interest of the Hawaiian Community, and to work and interact with each other Respect and Aloha.

In summary, I would like OHA to be that shinning City upon a Hill, a Beacon of Light and Hope for the Hawaiian Community


OHA exist to serve the Hawaiian Community, however, it is the State Legislator that funds OHA.  As such, it is imperative for OHA to establish and maintain Trust among the Hawaiian Community.  In addition, it is critical for OHA to establish and maintain Credibility among the State Legislator and larger State of Hawaii who the State Legislator serves.


In the spirit of Lōkahi, OHA must work and collaborate with all agencies and entities that benefit the Hawaiian Community.


The following are some of the greatest issues impacting the state of Hawaii today.
By helping to address the following issues, we will also benefit the Hawaiian community.

  • Traffic Condition
    Hawaii is recognized as having the worst driving conditions in the entire Nation.


  • Affordable Housing
    Hawaii currently has the highest median home value in the Nation at $619.000.


  • Homelessness
    Hawaii continues to have the highest homeless rate in the Nation.


  • Cost of Living
    Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the entire Nation.


  • Drugs/Crime
    Illegal drug use and crime associated with its use and distribution have reached Epidemic proportions.


  • Unemployment
    Covid-19 has left the State of Hawaii with the highest unemployment in the Nation.


I believe Hawai‘i can and should be a light and inspiration to the world, of what a diversified and multi-cultural society can and should be.  It is our multifaceted ethnic perspectives, values, and beliefs, that gives Hawai‘i its depth, richness, and strength.  This allows us to be inclusive, and to pull together towards common goals.  I believe there is nothing we cannot do and accomplish if we work together. 

The Hawaiian community plays a critically important role here, it is the salt that gives Hawaii its unique flavor.  It is the Hawaiian Community and living culture that makes Hawaii what it is.  One of the most beautiful places in the world, not only for its physical beauty, but for its equally beautiful people who posses and radiate the Aloha Spirit    

I dream of a Hawaii with a Hawaiian Community that is strong, and fit, physically; mentally; and spiritually.  A community no longer at the bottom of the social, economic ladder and representing many of the most negative rankings in our island community.  I would like to see Hawaiian doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, scientist, community leaders, and government officials as the norm and no longer the exception.  I dream of a Hawaii where Hawaiians and non-hawaiians, and all other people can live in hormony, be safe, work, be happy, and raise our 'ohana.

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