It’s vital that we vote our Hawaiian values, so I’ll be voting for Pua Ishibashi for OHA Trustee, Island of Hawai'i. Pua is a dedicated family man, a hard-working, educated, successful businessman who has consistently supported the wellbeing of our Island community. He devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community through the Royal Order of Kamehameha and most recently getting the Aloha Aina Party ready for the 2020 election cycle. His diverse background in both the public and private sectors means he can hit the ground running on day one of his term. I especially appreciate Pua's authenticity and openness to new ideas and different perspectives. He weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops solid, pono positions. Pua has always been approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to heartfelt service. Please join me in voting for Pua Ishibashi OHA Trustee, Island of Hawai'i.

Malama pono,


Ana Nawahine-Kahoʻopiʻi

Kumu Hula, Healer, Political Activist

One of the 38-kūpuna arrested on Mauna Kea, July 17, 2019












Pua has led an interesting life. I have known him many years. He has worn many hats and done many things. I worked with Pua when I was a probation officer many years ago. He was a very caring mentor to many youth in Hilo. He helped them change their lives for the better. Being an active member of the community in different activities Pua was an excellent role model for our Hawaiian youth. Unfortunately, during the time I was a Probation Officer, there were not many Hawaiian people working in the court system in Hilo. However, most of our juvenile probationers were of Hawaiian ancestry. It  was even more rare to find at that time a Hawaiian Social Worker that our Hawaiian male youth could relate to. Pua Ishibashi was my blessing, my hero at that time. I could reach out to him to help me handle my special cases. I could rely on him.  He had that male toughness, sternness exterior but, that nurturing softness deep inside.

Well, Pua Ishibashi has been my hero at other times too, our lives have crisscrossed quite a few times through the years. Aloha you plenty my Braddah Pua Ishibashi. I wish you all the best in this new quest of yours.  I know you are capable of cleaning up OHA. You have honorable ancestors walking along side you, besides the rest of us supporting you.

Melissa Leina‘ala Ha‘a Moniz

Hawaiian National Advocate, Former Probation Officer State of Hawai'i.











I would like to take this time and let my friends and family know that I will be supporting Mr. Pua Ishibashi for OHA, Hawaii Island Trustee. Pua is well respected in the community. His 'Ohana has deep roots on Hawaii Island.  His love for the culture and community service is well known. He is a well educated kanaka and is aware, engaged, and passionate about our Lahui and the many challenges we face today.  He possesses innovative ideas for improvement and to make changes where needed. Please consider Pua Ishibashi, take the time to educate yourself on OHA's mission and the specific issues that hold back our community. 

Mahalo nui,

Brook Kapukuniahi Parker


Brook Kapukuniahi Parker


C. Kimo Alameda, PhD

A graduate of St. Joseph High School who obtained a doctorate in psychological studies from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Alameda worked for the State’s Department of Health Children’s Division as a behavioral consultant. He then moved over to the Adult Mental Health Division as the Director of the Office of Multicultural Services, and then as the administrator of the Office of Health Equity. Dr. Alameda also headed up the Hawaii County Office of Aging and is also a popular statewide speaker on mainstream issues. 

Please join me in support of Pua Ishibashi. This is a man of great humility and integrity who has spent a lifetime dedicating himself to his faith, his family, and the Hawaiian community. OHA would be fortunate to have him sit at their table.


David Manu‘ā Heaukūlani, PhD 

Military service: U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division; 44th Special Forces Group; and 6th Force Recon.  Ph.D in Sociology from University of Hawaii, Manoa; Assistant Chief of Police Honolulu Police Dept. retd.; Lecturer at UHH retd.; Executive Officer, Pohakuloa Training Area, U.S. Army retd.; Alii Aimoku, Royal Order of Kamehameha retd.

I am supporting Pua Ishibashi for Hawai’i Island Trustee for the Office of Hawai’ian Affairs because I believe he can bring about needed change in OHA. Pua pledges to bring about transparency and accountability in OHA. In my opinion this is sorely needed as too often the State auditor reports serious deficiencies in many of OHA’s operations.  We have all seen news release of serious problems in OHA. I cite from a January 2019 Civil Beat report as an example:

            The lack of transparency illustrates continuing problems at OHA after a series of
            scandals including a critical state audit and ethics investigations that ensnared two
            former trustees. The public agency manages hundreds of millions of trust dollars for
            the benefit of Hawaiians. [Civil Beat, 01-19-19].

I urge you to vote for Pua for change, transparency, and accountability.

David Heaukulani


Skylane "Sky" Kaleookalani Ishibashi, M.A.

Mental Health Professional, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Mamo Aliʻi, Royal Order of Kamehameha.

I have to say something about my big brother and Iʻm not saying this just because he is running for an elected office but because people should know what I know about him to learn for themselves if they want this kind of guy working for them in office. 

Quite frankly, Pua is a different type of breed when it comes to doing things. Itʻs like his obsessive compulsive but not in an unhealthy way. Things got to be just right. He finishes cleaning a car using q-tips in every crack and crevice. Thatʻs how thorough he is when it comes to getting a job done. He works hard at everything he does. An attribute he learned from our incredible parents. He was always immaculate when organizing his things. Everything he owned had a specific place to be stored and he is still the same even to this day.  His organizational skill are unparalleled! These characteristics has helped him find great success throughout the years in his education, businesses, and life in general.

Pua was always an example to me on how to treat the kupuna. Whenever our kupuna came to visit, which was frequent, my brotherʻs desire to express his joy and love for them through a honi (kiss) was never sufficient. He would always grab lotion and lomilomi (massage) their feet. With this type of treatment our kupunaʻs eyes always brightened up a little brighter when he entered the room. Pua was raised to value the kupuna and continues through his efforts today to make our kupunas safe and healthy. Pua has always been my example and #1 influence, i.e., spirituality, surfing, martial arts, working hard with our father, cultural arts and raising a large family. Heʻs been married successfully for over 40 years, 6 children and 13 grandchildren.

He is the eldest of 4 siblings and has always been one who leads by example. He has held and demonstrated successful leadership in many secular and non secular positions within our community. He is a proven genuine leader for our people. He has the right education, the right experiences, and most importantly the right heart to successfully serve our community in a way that will benefit all of our ohana into the future. He values Education, Health and Wellness, and Self Sustainability for our communities.

If elected he will also bring with him the knowledge of our kupuna. He will be fearless in standing against corruption and stand for what is pono.

Mahalo nui,
Skylane Kaleookalani Ishibashi
Puna, Hawai’i










Aloha mai kākou e Hawaiʻi Nei,


I am supporting PUA ISHIBASHI for Hawaii Island OHA Trustee and am asking for your VOTE. PUA is running on the platform of ALOHA, INTEGRITY, REFORM & FAITH. 

I have come to know PUA as a man of FAITH therefore a man of GOD! He is a FAMILY MAN, with the highest INTEGRITY therefore a man of HONOR. HE is a man that  RESPECTS PEOPLE & VALUES therefore he can be TRUSTED. PUA wants what is in the best interest of the OHA beneficiaries to better their lives and conditions. PUA understands that decisions made at OHA are critical to the survival of the Hawaiian people and impact all of Hawaii. PUA is committed to working on behalf of the People with ALOHA.



Robbie Le'a Kapi'olani Cabral

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Innovator, Investor, and Developer. Founder, Senior Advisor, Innovations Development Group









In these times of extreme polarization in our society, Pua has reached out across the various socio-political and racial divisions to help build a new Hawaii. A founding member of the Aloha Aina Party, Pua couldn't care less whether one is a Democrat, a Republican, a Green, or Libertarian, etc. His is focused on the horizon and the prize, a new Hawaii where we can all co-exist in harmony regardless of race, politics and socio-economic status. I admire Pua’s perseverance, passion and humility. But, what I admire most is his critical thinking and strategic mind. He understands that we must plan and work now for a better Hawaii tomorrow, for ourselves, children, kupuna, and future generations. He also understands that this will require collaboration and working together towards common goals that will uplift all of us.  

OHA is in disarray, hamstrung by egotistical partisan controversies, financial improprieties, and turf battles that have generated much criticism, cynicism, lost reputation, and despair, not only among the Hawaiian Community, but the general public. In short, the OHA canoe is off course, its paddlers not in sync, and the canoe is filling with water. At this challenging period for OHA, we need someone with proven leadership that we can trust, this is not the time for on the job training. We need someone who does not only have a vision for a better OHA, but also has the knowledge, experience, and skill sets, to actually make things happen. Pua is such a leader. Pua’s education background, career credentials and work experiences makes him the logical choice. I believe Pua will bring a spirit of unity, respect and aloha to the OHA Board of Trustees. He will restore credibility to OHA. He will make OHA more relevant and responsive to the prior and emerging needs of the Hawaiian Community. Pua will bring the OHA canoe back into alignment with what is pono. 

believe in Pua and will be voting for him, I hope you will also.  

Ariel Murphy


Ariel Murphy, R(B), GRI, ABR

Board Director, Puna Community Medical Center (PCMC) 

Director, Orchidland Community Association (OLCA),
Member, Government Affairs Committee, Hawaii Island Board of Realtors (HIR)

Board Member, Philippine Women's Alliance of Hawaii (PWAH)









For the past five years, I have had the privilege of serving with Pua Ishibashi. He is one of the first people that I met when I moved to Hawaii Island. He has a few qualities that are obvious to me. Pua is a family man. He has integrity.  He has a big heart. He is a natural leader. His presence is felt when you’re in the same room with him. He is a man of faith. He loves Hawai'i. He loves this people. He is deeply committed to both.  He wants to see them succeed.

As someone that I truly admire and respect, it is easy to endorse Pua Ishibashi for OHA Trustee, Hawai'i Island.  I do it without reservation or hesitation.  Not only do I feel that he is the best person for the job, but I feel that he is needed in that position.


Dr. Miki Cain M.D.

Dr. Miki Cain is a pediatrician for a local clinic and hospital. He is a faculty member for a medical school and residency program.  He is also a Bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Kaumana Ward. Dr. Cain is a combat veteran who served in the U.S. Army.

Kimo Wheeler

MILITARY SERVICE: Career U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret). Retired as Command Sergeant Major of a Special Forces Group. FEDERAL SERVICE: Assigned worldwide with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Division, Special Operations Group as a Paramilitary Specialist and Operations Officer. Retired Senior Intelligence Service/Senior Executive Service Officer with a cumulative military and government service of 45+ years.

I am honored to provide my endorsement and vote to Pua Ishibashi In his endeavor to serve Moku O Keawe and the State of Hawaii, as a Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). Pua brings a plethora of invaluable life skills, exceptional personal and higher education achievements, and a diverse business and entrepreneurial acumen to the work place. Tools which will be absolutely necessary and valuable to serve our Island diaspora. More importantly, Pua will return OHA’s long floundering and fractured business and monetary irregularities back on course to serve our people efficiently, honestly, and faithfully. 

The above said, I feel strongly through personal interaction, that Pua Ishibashi has the requisite leadership and command qualities, coupled with interpersonal skills, moral compass, integrity, and ethical fortitude, to regain the people’s trust and exact the needed changes to right a damaged organization. Lastly, but as importantly; as a friend and fellow Hawaiian, I am struck by Pua’s humbleness, his deep love of Ohana, his cultural knowledge, beliefs and practices, and of course his deeply rooted belief in ke Akua. This is a man who has the strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles and challenges. He definitely has my vote.  He deserves yours.

With Much Respect,

Kimo Wheeler

Marcia Timboy

Timboy is an Events and Programs Curator; Project Coordinator; Journalist; and Fitness Professional. She grew up in Kona, and has been active in the cultural and arts communities in Honolulu and Hawai`i Island most of her life. 

I am endorsing Pua Ishibashi for OHA Trustee, Island of Hawaii. Pua is deeply involved and committed to the betterment of our Moku o Keawe community and the lāhui. In the 30 plus years that I've known him, he has always strived to lead a pono lifestyle.  I know that he will bring this integrity to the OHA Board of Trustees.

Ray Fujikawa

Senior Executive, Health Care Industry (Retired)

Author & Lecturer 

Business Consultant

One of the greatest challenges that I've faced in my 40 year Business career, has been identifying and selecting competent individuals who possess the leadership skills necessary to make a difference when driving a specific idea or strategy to fruition. These kinds of rare individuals are NOT so easy to find! There are a Lot of "pretenders" out there! I've literally had to interview hundreds and hundreds of candidates all over the world in an attempt to select only the best of this rare breed. With that being said, when I DO find a person who has those qualifications of leadership that I find so rare and so invaluable in today's world, it's NOT hard to recognize them. They STICK OUT from all the rest! 

Pua Ishibashi is most certainly one of these individuals. At his core, he is a man who is so dedicated to doing what's right, that he is beyond reproach. His commitment and love for Hawaii and her people are exemplary. In a political system filled with dishonesty and self gratification, I can most earnestly assure you that by supporting Pua Ishibashi, you will put into OHA a person that will serve the Big Island and the State of Hawaii, to the best of his ability. Of this I have no question nor doubt. I urge everyone to support Pua Ishibashi. Let him show you what he can and will do for all of us.

Sanford K. Okura


Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Stanford University

Founder of Okura & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Owner of Okura & Associates Realty Corp.

Church leader

Pua Ishibashi comes from a fine family. I knew his parents from the time he was a youngster. Pua’s father, Herbert Pualiialoha Ishibashi, Sr., was an electrician, a church leader, a physically powerful man, and yet so humble and gentle. Pua’s mother is a gracious woman who grew up in Ka'u. All four of the children graduated from college. They are a hardworking, humble, honest family.

I have been in meetings with Pua, sometimes with him as a participant, sometimes with him as the discussion leader. I have noticed that his comments are relevant and well thought out, showing a high degree of intelligence and perceptiveness. Pua is strong, but his heart is soft. I have never seen him rude or offensive in any way. He would promote unity, and not divisiveness, in any group he is in.

I am not of Hawaiian ancestry, but I feel strongly that OHA, like all public institutions, needs to be directed by people of integrity who put their public duty above personal interest. As the OHA Board of Trustees at this time apparently needs an upgrade in unity, integrity, public image, and direction, I have no doubt that Pua Ishibashi will be a great asset as a Trustee. I will vote for him and encourage all of my friends and acquaintances to vote for him.

Keali'i Makekau

Political Analyst 
Manager Superintendent 
Former OHA Trustee Candidate

I am supporting PUA ISHIBASHI for Hawaii Island OHA Trustee and I am asking for your VOTE as well. With the Hawaii Island seat up for grabs, it is imperative that someone who supports Change, Reform and Accountability be installed into this office. This election year highlights a diverse field of candidates all advocating for what they think is best. Pua has openly declared and identified what problems need to be addressed and changed, while enhancing the spotlight of justice and accountability on those who have taken from their trust for themselves or promoting self dealing practices!

The time is now to bring about Pono leadership and I ask you to join me and vote “PUA” for OHA Hawaii Island Trustee!


Kealii Makekau
(Political Insider)

Charles M. Heaukūlani, Esq.

Doctor of Jurisprudence, William S. Richardson School of Law

Founder of Charles M. Heaūkulani, Attorney At Law, L.L.C.
Aliʻi ʻAimoku Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Moku o Māmalahoa

Pā Kuʻi a Lua o Puna

Hui Aloha ʻĀina o Hilo

Pua’s commitment to our Lāhui and to Moku o Keawe, is multi-faceted and unwavering. In these critical times, however, more is required of our political leaders. Fortunately, Pua also brings to the table a rare combination of institutional knowledge, work experiences, and a managerial skillset that will allow him to hit the ground running as our next Hawai’i Island Trustee. Pua has worked within the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and subsequently handled similar land use issues at the Department of Land & Natural Resources. To say that Aloha ʻĀina is important to him does not do the subject justice. He has proven this time and again. If these are issues that are important to you, I would ask that you join us in supporting Pua Ishibashi as our next Hawai’i Resident OHA Trustee.

Coach Allan Sato

Former Assistant Baseball Coach for University of Hawaii - Rainbows
Former Baseball Head Coach for Hawaii Pacific University - Sea Warriors (10 years)
HPU Athletics Hall of Fame
Founder and owner of GAJI Lures LLC (fishing lures)

I've known Pua for a while and actually thought that he would be better suited to run for Mayor of Hawaii Island. I say this because I know of his great love for Hawaii Island, the Hawaiian Community, and all the people of Hawaii, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, or creed.


The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) was established in 1978 via a Constitutional Convention as a semi-autonomous entity. It’s mission, to enhance the wellbeing of the Native Hawaiian Community. However, over the last 42-years, there have been ongoing instances of financial mismanagement, non-transparency and internal conflicts between Trustees. The Hawaiian Community can no longer tolerate such behavior and inadequacies. Change is needed and that change is needed now. We need fresh NEW leadership that will help unify the Board of Trustees and move OHA forward.

Pua Ishibashi, has the strong leadership qualities, respect, and credibility that is needed at the OHA Trustee Table. In Baseball, it’s always about making that "Critical Pitch" which could determine the outcome of a game, win or lose. The Hawaiian Community has been on the losing end of the stick for far too long. We must reverse the momentum and current trends to move OHA forward. HAWAIIANS need to make that "CRITICAL PITCH" to support and vote for Pua, so in turn, he can make that "CRITICAL PITCH" for the Hawaiian Community and all the People of Hawaii.


I humbly ask ALL RESIDENTS OF THE STATE OF HAWAII, to join me, and cast your vote for Pua Ishibashi.

Dr. Kristin C. Buehler M.D.

Dr. Kristin Buehler, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is currently licensed to practice medicine in Hawaii and California. She is affiliated with The Queen's Medical Center, Kuakini Medical Center, and Adventist Health Castle.

Since my permanent move to Hawaii in December of 2000, I’ve seen many changes come about in these islands that have had both positive and negative impacts on its people, culture, and fragile ecology. The unique geology of these islands and the culture of its people are special, and require both ethical and dependable leadership. It’s preservation depends on it. I’ve known Pua Ishibashi for 20 years now. The love and commitment he has for these islands runs as deep as his genealogical Hawaiian roots. His commitment to the Hawaiian Community is true and unwavering. I can’t think of a better person to take charge of Hawaii’s issues and represent the Office of Hawaiian Affairs with dignity, integrity, and respect. A vote for Pua Ishibashi is a vote for perpetuating the sanctity of the Hawaiian Culture, protection of the Aina, and the betterment of the Hawaiian Community.

Dr. Kristin C. Buehler M.D.

Paid for by Pua for OHA