Actions to Optimize Effectiveness and Efficiency

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for and promote the following Initiatives




(6)  WARRIOR CULTURE               





The Order was created in 1864 with a Purpose Statement that cultivated loyalty towards the Kingdom and uplifting of the Lāhui.  After the Overthrow of 1893 the new oppressive regime considered the Order a threat due to its royalist purpose and mission forcing the Order underground.  Even after U.S. Annexation in 1898, the usurpers remained in power and control. 


Given the recent history and current environment, Prince Kūhiō was forced to reorganize the Order in 1902 into a form that would not threaten and pass the scrutiny of the powers that be.  The result, a Purpose Statement that was no longer focused "externally" on the Kingdom and People, but "internally" on the affairs of its Members as a "Benevolent Society."  In short, the Order adapted to survive and remain viable.

However, this is a new day, the environment has changed, as well as the needs of the Lāhui.  
At this critical and challenging period a "Benevolent Society" is NOT what our Kingdom and Lāhui needs.  What is needed is the last viable institution of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, vested with the authority, kuleana, and mana to support the Kingdom, uplift the Lāhui, and in the absence of a viable Kingdom, act to restore it!  

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for the restoration of our original Purpose Statement, as created by King Kamehameha V, by Royal Decree in 1864.  We will re-embrace our purpose and mission to build loyalty to the Kingdom, uplift the Lāhui, and in the absence of a viable Kingdom, act to restore it!



Once we reclaim our Purpose Statement of 1864, the Order will be able to focus on Kingdom restoration.  The Royal Decree of 1864 specifies one of the two purposes of the Order as:

“ . . . to cultivate and develop among Our subjects the feelings of Honour and Loyalty to Our Dynasty and its institutions, and, . . . ” 

Since the Kingdom continues to exist, but is not currently "viable" (not an ongoing concern with a governing body), I believe, that under the Royal Decree of 1864,  our kuleana today extends to acting to restore a "viable" Kingdom of Hawai

As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for the restoration of a viable Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.   To restore what was lost, a soverign and independent Kingdom of Hawaiʻi with a constitutional monarchy.  I believe only the Order has the authority, kuleana, and mana, to empower the Lāhui in this important work.​  I will advocate for Order mobilization, to do what ever is necessary and appropriate to make the Kingdom a reality.


Once we reclaim our Purpose Statement of 1864, there will be much work to do.    To accomplish the purposes of the Order will require substantial resources.  One of the Order’s greatest resources are the dedicated Brothers and Sisters of the Order.  To enhance and increase this important resource, I will facilitate the following two initiatives:

I  Expansion Abroad
We will grow the Order by sharing the blessings of Order membership with our Brothers and Sister outside of Hawaii.  Today, there are more Kānaka living outside of Hawai‘i then in Hawaiʻi.  Most of these Kānaka (80%) live in the states of California and Washington.  As such, we will look at opportunities to establish new Heiau in these states as well as other states that have large Kānaka populations. 

II Growth at Home
We will also grow the Order here at home in Hawaiʻi by doing the following:  
(1)  Membership Drives - Working to bring new members into the Order.

(2)  Reactivation - Welcoming back members who are not currently active in the Order.
(3)  Unification - There are Brothers who have left the Order and formed their own
organizations.  We will reach out to these groups, look for common ground and what unites us, and when appropriate, welcome them into the Order under our Rituals and Bylaws.

(4)  Hoʻoponopono -  If necessary or requested, I will revisit the issues and circumstances that may have lead to the removal of a Brother from the Order.  If reasonable and appropriate, such Brothers may be allowed back into the Order with no prejudice.
(5)  New Heiau - I will look at opportunities to establish additional Heiau on every Island.  We will look at respective Island populations as a general guide.  For example, the Big Island has nearly 190,000 people (14% of the states population), with 4 Heiau.  In comparison, Oahu has nearly 1,000,000 people, (70% of the states population), but only 3 Heiau.  In addition, Maui has nearly 150,000 people (11% of the states population), about the same as the Big Island, but only one Heiau.  Given these general statistics, I believe there are tremendous growth opportunities for new Heiau on the islands of Oahu and Maui.

‘A ‘ohe hua o ka mai ‘a i ka lā ho‘okaāhi 
When a task is done together no task is too big.


The works of the Order is a tremendous task and I believe more hands will make this great work lighter.


As Aliʻi Nui, I will advocate for and promote an aggressive growth strategy to enhance one of the Ordergreatest resources, the dedicated Brothers and Sisters of the Order.