Pua believes that together, we can make OHA all it can and should be to more fully benefit the Hawaiian Community.  An OHA that has a clear Vision, Mission, and Purpose.  An exemplary organization recognized for it's transparency, accountability, and integrity.  An organization that not only meets and exceeds expectations, but acts to lift, empower, and inspire, the Hawaiian Community and entire 
State of Hawaiʻi.

He invisions an OHA that the Hawaiian Community can trust, be proud of, and love.  An organization that recognizes and treats its employees as its greatest resource.  An organization recognized as one of the best places to work in Hawaiʻi, drawing the best and brightest. 

Pua would like a culturally competent OHA that has internalized Hawaiian principles and values into its organizational culture. A Board of Trustees (BOT) that understands and embraces their fiduciary duty, to always do what is in the best interest of the Hawaiian Community. And to work and interact with each other in collaboration, respect, and aloha. In summary, Pua would like to work with you to make OHA a "Shining City upon a Hill", the "Beacon of Light and Hope" that the Hawaiian Community so desperately seeks and deserves.

Regarding the Hawaiian Community, Pua understands that as an ethnic group, Hawaiians have the dubious distinction of having some of the worst stats among all ethnic groups in the State of Hawaii. Regarding positive categorizes such as higher education; high income; home ownership; and mental and physical health; the Hawaiian Community is at the bottom of the charts. On the other hand, regarding negative categories such as homelessness; poor health; unemployment; substance abuse; incarceration; obesity; and suicide; the Hawaiian Community is at the top of the charts.

Pua believes we must reverse this status quo and current trends for ourselves and future generations.  He believes that together, we can huli (turn upside down). That from the top of everything negative we can be at the top of everything positive. Pua envisions a Hawaiian Community that is thriving, vibrant, unified, healthy, educated, happy, empowered, flourishing, and pressing forward, confidently, into the future with strength, pono, and aloha.

Pua believes the key to "huli" is the Hawaiian 'Ohana. That we must go back to the basics, that we must go back to where it all starts, that we must go back to the family.  It is Pua's belief that the 'ohana (family unit) is the fundamental building block of our Lāhui. That strong parents = strong families, and strong families = strong communities, and strong communities = a stronger State of Hawaii. As such, Pua believes the ‘ohana and those individuals making up the ‘ohana unit (kamali‘i, makua, and kūpuna) must be cherished, respected, protected.  Many of the issues we face today in the Hawaiian community, such as mental, physical, and emotional issues, are a direct result of growing up in dysfunctional homes.  This is the root cause and this is where we must focus moving forward.


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