"Pua has the education, experience,  leadership, and cultural competence, to be an exceptional OHA Trustee for Hawaii Island and all of Hawaii."  

C. Kimo Alameda, PhD

Summary Of Experience:

  • 35-years - Corporate administration and management.

  • 26-years - Member, Royal Order of Kamehameha.

  • 10-years - Professional business consultation.

  • 10-years - Strategic planning, team building, and project management.

  • 7-years - Professional land management.  

  • 5-years - Co-Founder Aloha ʻĀina Party, establishing a State and Federally recognized                     political party.

Let's Break it Down





(6)  FAITH


(8)  ʻOHANA

#1  EDUCATION (9 years of higher education)

  • JURIS DOCTOR DEGREE (J.D.) - Law, Gonzaga University School of Law, Washington

  • BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE (B.A.) - Business and Economics, University of Hawai‘i

  • ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREE (A.S.) - Electricity, Hawai‘i Community Collage

#2  WORK EXPERIENCE (Last 10 years)

  • LAND AGENT - Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) - Current since 2018.

  • LAND MANAGER - Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) - Previous 5-years.

  • CEO - BLACK KOA CLOTHING BRAND - Established 2014, promo video below.

  • CEO - KŪKULU CULTURAL RESOURCES - Established 2009.

Note:  As OHA's land manager for the Island of Hawaii, Pua was responsible for over 90% of OHA's land assets as the 13th largest land owner in Hawaii. This was not only a wonderful opportunity for Pua to learn and apply western best practices in land management, but to also learn and apply principles and practices of traditional Hawaiian land "stewardship”. His 5-years in land management along with 2-years on the Ke Kahu O Na Kumu Wai, (State of Hawaii Marine and Coastal Zone Advocacy Council) has provided Pua with a good working knowledge of mālama ʻāina (both land and sea). Pua's tenure with OHA has also provided him with a good internal perspective of OHA, its strengths and weaknesses, and what and how to make improvements. 

Black Koa video directed by Pua


The Aloha ʻĀina Party (AAP), was founded by three Native Hawaiians, Pua Ishibashi, Don Kaulia, and Desmon Haumea (members of the Royal Order of Kamehameha). The AAP adheres to and promotes traditional Hawaiian values such as living Aloha and being Pono. The essence of the AAP may be summarized by its Five Foundational Principles: (1) Recognize and acknowledge the Divine; (2) Aloha all people of Hawai‘i; (3) Mālama the ʻĀina as pono stewards; (4) Demand government Accountability and Transparency, and (5) Advocate for Ho‘oponopono, to "Make Right what is Wrong", as it relates to the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i in 1893.


In this context, the AAP may be considered a Hawaiian political party. The first Hawaiian Political Party in 108 years. However, the AAP is not only for Hawaiians and is not limited to Hawaiian issues. The AAP is inclusive, welcomes all, and address the needs and concerns of all the people of Hawaiʻi.

It took over 5-years and 3-attempts to establish the AAP over daunting odds. In pressing forward, the Founders were inspired and empowered by the words of Queen Liliʻuokalani and James Kaulia who said "Never cease to act (to do good) because you fear you may fail," and "Do not be afraid, be steadfast in Aloha for your land (and people)." The Founders were also strengthened in their belief that ke Akua was guiding and sustaining their efforts. That what they were creating, would be good, not only for the Hawaiian Community, but all the people of Hawaiʻi. Accordingly, the Founders refused to give up and continued to press forward until the AAP became a reality on Feb. 12, 2020.  

Civil Beat (Wednesday, June 24, 2020) Native Hawaiian Activists Turn Into Candidates For the 2020 Elections.

Civil Beat (Friday, March 20, 2020) Introducing The Aloha ʻĀina Party

West Hawaii Today (Saturday, March 14, 2020) Meet the New Third Party
Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Saturday, March 14, 2020) Creation of Aloha
ʻĀina Party Announced

Big Island Video News (Friday March 13, 2020) Aloha Aina Party Now Official In Hawaiʻi

KITV News (Friday March 13, 2020) New Political Party

KITV News (Saturday June 27, 2020) New Political Party

#4  COMMUNITY and CULTURE (Last 10 years)

  • Member - Cultural Advisory Committee, U.S. Army, Pōhakuloa Training Area (PTA), (5-years).

  • Member - Kūpuna Cultural Council, Volcanoes National Park, (5-years).

  • Member - State Marine and Coastal Zone Advocacy Council, appointed by Governor Linda Lingle, (2-years).

  • Member - Royal Order of Kamehameha (26-years).

  • Founder - Annual Kamehameha Festival, established in 2008.

  • Event Coordinator - Annual Kamehameha Festival (7-years).

  • Member - Board of Directors, Puna Canoe Club (4-years).

  • Member - Pā Ku‘i A Lua

  • Co-Founder - ‘Ahahui Ha‘akoa, (11-years). Article at: Ke Ola Magazine (July-Aug. 2020); Website at Haakoa.comIntroductory video below.

  • Co-Founder - Aloha ʻĀina Political Party, (5-years in the making). Website at votealoha.org

Ha‘a Koa video directed by Pua


MEMBERSHIP - Active member of the Royal Order of Kamehameha since 1994 (26-years).  In senior leadership positions for over 11-years).


  • Lani Ali‘i (Lifetime office as retired Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku ) 

  • Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku

  • Mamo Ali‘i

  • Kākā‘ōlelo

  • Lā‘au Ali‘i

  • Kaukau Ali‘i


  • Founder of the annual Kamehameha Festival, established in 2008. 

  • Created the Māmalahoa and Kamehameha Festival websites in 2008 (mamalahoa.org) & (kamehamehafestival.com).

  • Grant writing and management (private, county, and state) for Māmalahoa since 2008, with grant awards totaling in excess of $250,000.00,

  • On being appointed Ali‘i ‘Aimoku of Māmalahoa (2009), grew Heiau from five active Brothers to 40 within one year.  Also reestablished Nā Wāhine o Kamehameha, that was inactive for many years, from 0 to 6 active Sisters within one year.

  • Founder of the Māmalahoa Award, established in 2010.  Award recognizes one kāne and wahine annually for exemplary work within the Hawaiian Community.  

  • ​​Chair of the Order's Strategic Planning Committee (2014).

  • Authored Position Statement for the Order regarding Mauna Kea (2018).

  • Secured an OHA grant to fund the 2019 Ha‘akoa Conference, acting as event coordinator.

  • Created website and directed video to promote and perpetuate the Hawaiian Ha‘akoa, a practice endorsed by Māmalahoa. Website at Haakoa.com.


Nothing defines who Pua is more then his faith​ in God. He has been an active member of his church since the age of 8. Christian principles and values have guided and sustained Pua all of this life. He attributes his ability to show Aloha to everyone; find peace in chaos; be kind when others are not, forgive others when wronged; and to have a positive attitude and put things into perspective; to his faith in the Divine. He served a self financed mission to Chicago, Illinois, as an ordained minister, for two years. He has volunteered in many community service projects and served in many leadership capacities over the past 40+ years working with children, teens, and adults. Though Pua is a Christian, he embraces and supports all people of all faiths including those who choose not to believe or worship.  He will respect, support, and defend your right to worship, regardless of faith, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, etc.


​The most important things in Pua's life are his relationship with God; being a good husband, father and grandfather; doing what he can to help his neighbors and community; and practicing and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture. 

#8  ʻOHANA

​Pua is married to Gloria ʻAlohiwailani Duvauchelle of Kauai (KS 75).  Together, they have six children,  ʻAlohiwailani, Kailani, Kauai, Kanoe, Kiana and Kāhili, and thirteen grandchildren: Hania, Tehya, Teegan, Nyah, Kiyomi, Aiyana, Miya, Keahunui, Kekai, Lillee, Milah, Kahekau, and Kailani (named after her aunty who passed). 


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